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...if truth were not for man the desire for truth would not be as a burning unrest in his heart...

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Erik Knud-Hansen October 17th & 18th 2008 Notes transcribed from talks, program from


The Dharma of Non-Duality
A program of meditation and inquiry for awakening insight and compassion drawn from the Buddhist and Taoist traditions



Updated 1/11/2009 with comments by Erik

Notes in quotations are word for word, everything else is paraphrased or something written down about the topic not necessarily what was said. Notes in brackets [  ] are additions not said during the talk. Notes in bold are comments by Erik.


Friday Night: The Nature of Non-Duality: Beyond the Appearances of Self and Other-Than-Self


We should practice the usefulness of being useless (referring to sitting still and fostering more stillness of being in general...not allowing the desiring mind to chase after what is inherently unsatisfying).


Is there a way to look at the doing mind? The mind that organizes itself around itself?


april tat 2009

"Look under every rock"

TAT Foundation Weekend Intensive 4/18/09 - 4/19/09 Notes & Quotes

Presentations below are mostly paraphrased, reconstructed from notes and memory. Some topics are hyperlinked for your browsing perusal.

The weekend theme was: Backing into Wisdom - Principles and Practices from the Teachings of Richard Rose.

Heather Saunders served as TAT's meeting host and facilitator.


Update 6/7/09: TAT members have access to another seeker's quotes. He got much of what I missed during the meeting.

His notes. Compare his notes with my notes side by side (recommended but you will need to log into the site to see the other set of notes).


The Quotable Rose: Ten One-Liners That Speak Volumes, presented by Bart Marshall (Sat 4/18)

Bart talked about the ten key strategies in Rose's teaching.


Rose's teaching is not for making better robots.


Extreme spiritual effort is needed for enlightenment.


There is no cause for enlightenment, so why do anything at all? Effort/struggle increases your odds somehow.


Rose said: "Enlightenment is an accident, but you can-and must-work to become accident-prone!"


Now for the top ten one-liners (in David Letterman top 10 countdown fashion, none are prerequisites and they're not in any order).